Prestashop v.1.3 disponible

Ya se encuentra disponible Prestashop v.1.3 para su descarga. Es una versión Alpha 1 por lo que no es recomendable usarla para tiendas en producción.

Esta nueva versión de Prestashop incorpora nuevas mejoras, aumenta los módulos de Partners y corrige algunos bugs de Prestashop 1.2.4.

New features

Here are the new features included in PrestaShop, noteworthy among the many added:

– The ability to define multiple IP addresses for maintenance
– The choose of the images that must be re-generated in the Back Office
– The test of the mail server configuration via the Back Office
New features about statistics (visible on the Back Office homepage)
– When adding a language via the Back Office, a suggestion to download the corresponding language pack
– Enable / disable the modules display wich are valid only in his country
Spanish language in standard
Product Tooltips – a module that displays info bubbles: number of visitors on the product page + last purchase date or last adding to cart date
– A warning display when the e-mail by default used in the PayPal module has not been modified
– Possibility to limit carriers to groups of customers
And much more!

New partners modules

PrestaShop v.1.3 alpha 1 welcomes several new partners! Payment modules, optimization of the purchase process… Discover them below!


Moneybookers enables any company or any consumer owning an e-mail adress, to send and receive online payments, in a secure and cost effective way – in real time and around the world! Moneybookers delivers a product ideally suited for small companies, online merchants, individuals and others currently unfulfilled by traditional payment methods.
Discover Moneybookers


Thanks to its expertise in the Internet monetization, Hi-media has launched a complete solution for electronic payments, secured by SSL, Hipay. Hipay is an electronic wallet, which is multi-lingual and multi-currency, with which any seller can offer its customers a flexible, simple and highly secure way to pay online purchases. Hipay provides real-time payment of goods or services purchases with provisions warranty and customer support.
Discover Hipay


ReversoForm invented a unique system of automatic forms filling on merchant sites, via the client´s telephone number. This works on the same principle as the reverse directory: the customer enters his telephone number (landline) and thus enables ReversoForm to automatically fill all form fields: name, address, zip code, city, and countries.
Discover ReversoForm


Dejala delivers your customers by courier in 3 hours. Your client chooses its slot for a guaranteed delivery 3 hours before paying. The module integrates dynamic product availability, your operating hours and lets you choose the delivery price charged. This module gives you a competitive advantage: to satisfy more customers and increase sales. Dejala is already available in Paris and Madrid.
Discover Dejala

Technical optimizations

Several points of the solution have been optimized and improved, including:

– Optimization of MySQL performances with the addition of indexes and some SQL queries on the Front Office and some modules
– Optimization of Smarty
– Improved theinstaller, graphical aspect, added tooltips; easier access to the Front Office and Back-Office and add-ons
Select the shop’s default country during installation
– Field “tax id number” (mandatory in some countries like Spain …) – configurable via the Back Office
Automatic creation of a language when it is added via a .Gzip file
– Ability to disable a selection of tables that are not necessarily needed during a database backup
– Improved compatibility with Opera 9
– Better errors management on the CSV import
SEO optimized for web pages
– Ability to disable automatic checking of modules updates
– Added SQL queries in the installer to clean the database while an update
– Added a warning message on the database backup page if the export file is not writable
– Added a warning message on the CSV import page if the file is not writable

Corrections made since PrestaShop v1.2.4

The latest version of PrestaShop (v.1.2.5) containing only security updates, this list of corrections includes the ones made on PrestaShop v.1.2.4.
– The prices calculation within the Front and Back-Office, and PDF invoices
Bug on volume discounts
– Corrections on Paypal API
– Bugs encountered on private categories, which were displayed in the shop (blocks…)
– Default carrier selection
– Impossibility to delete the default clients group, to avoid to corrupt his shop
– Correction of the URL rewriting in several modules
– Fixed the weight calculation of a product using declinations
– Deleted a problem when cancelling all products of an order, that generated a “Hack Attempt”
– Inability for employees who only have the right to see the different tabs of the Back-Office to change their permissions
– Fixed a bug in the CSV import met with products that have a zero quantity
– Fixed total calculation on invoices on “Duty free” mode
– Fixed orders details in the Back-Office when using volume discounts
And much more!

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